How to Handle Someone Who Isn’t Very Expressive

“Send her messages in a polite manner”

One of the most difficult things to deal with when it comes to online dating is getting to the first meeting only to find that someone who seems easy enough to talk with online isn’t nearly as easy to deal with in person. While there can be a lot of reasons for this, we have found the most common difficulty to come from how she expresses herself in person, especially if it is much more subtle than how she seemed to respond online. While you won’t be the first person in England to struggle with this, dealing with it can be a difficult task. In most cases, you won’t have any hints before you actually show up and find out that the person who was mostly understandable in text, gives you nothing to run with in person, and that can be more than enough to make most people give up. We don’t see why you should have to lump yourself in with everyone else, however. Sometimes it’s the challenge that makes it all worthwhile. That being said, you should also be cautious of the meeting women online scams. Visit to find genuine UK singles and steer clear of the scam artists.

Be Prepared to Ask a Lot of Simple Questions

“Is she not giving the right explanation?”

From the very beginning, keep in mind that the most important tool in your kit is remembering to ask many, very specific questions. Think if it likes narrowing your search results from when you first looked into sites to meet women compared, by starting off with something broad and carefully whittling things down until you found exactly what you were looking for. The same thing applies here, but is, in a way, far more important when it comes to someone who really is not giving you much to work with. Typically, this comes in the form of single word answers, and unchanging, or consistently bland expression, or even just someone who seems constantly distracted. Whatever the case may be, dealing with a date that doesn’t give you the sort of information you are used to getting from tone of voice, expressions, and other hints may seems difficult, but is usually worth the effort. Getting someone to open up who first seemed distant is, after all, a very rewarding experience.

The most basic way to approach this scenario begins simply with the need to asses where she stands at any given time. For example: not smiling is not the same as not being interested. In many cases what we consider to be an uninvolved or uninterested expression is usually due to the expectation that her default expression should be smiling. This is just something we are brought up to expect rather than something women actually do naturally, so double check to make sure what you consider to be a blank expression really isn’t just an unrealistic expectation. On the other hand, if her expression more or less never changes, this can be a good sign that you are dealing with someone who is going to take a little more work to get to know. That means paying closer attention what she does do, and prodding more directly for the information you want. Multiple choice and true false questions are poor as opposed to prompting her to give some sort of anecdote or explanation.

Pay Attention to Body Language Other than Expression

“Read her body language”

While you are asking away, be sure to keep a close eye on the rest of her body language, as even people who are considered to be somewhat emotionless will often times display their feelings in some other manner. This might come from tone of voice, but it might also come from where she looks, a tilt of her head, or how she sits in relation to you. Is she closing herself off by turning aside or crossing her arms? Does she seem otherwise welcoming through a relaxed stance and resting on the heels of her feet? Is she leaning towards or away from you? Putting at least as much effort into figuring out what the rest of her body language is saying as you did in finding sites to meet women compared will often reveal far more than you thought was available in the first place. No matter how stand-offish she might appear, or how little information she gives verbally, you can usually tease some sort of information out of her physical response to your questions and actions.

Take Her at Her Word

“Don’t look for hidden meanings”

One important thing to remember when dating someone who doesn’t seem all that responsive in most other ways you might be familiar with is to always take what she says at face value. If you are going to get a lot of short, unelaborated replies, and are appropriately asking all sorts of specific questions to clarify things, you need to believe her answers. Don’t go looking for hidden meaning and don’t assume that she is trying to say something other than the actual words coming out of her mouth. While in most other cases, it is often tone and context that can completely change how something is supposed to be taken; in this case, you can expect the words to them to be the most important part of your interactions. Failing to take her at her word is failing in the relationship.

Most people who are less than vibrant in their expressiveness are exceedingly blunt and forthright in their words. Even if they aren’t, they want you to believe they are, and in the case of new relationships, that should be more than enough for anyone in England to just roll with it. While taking people at their word is generally important no matter what the extenuating circumstances, it is especially important in this case, because any other information you take away from what is said will have been something you put there. In other words, you will be making assumptions based on what you think instead of what she is actually demonstrating or saying. Any time you put yourself in the position of being a more reliable source of information on someone than they themselves are, you are setting yourself up for a nasty let down, and it is important to learn how to catch yourself in the process, so that it does not become a problem. This is best kept in check by the aforementioned tactic of just asking a lot of questions with simple answers.

Be up Front and Very Blunt

It’s important to keep in mind that someone who is not very expressive themselves is probably going to put more emphasis on what you say than how you are saying it. In fact, taking you at only your word and not anything to do with the context, the tone or the body language involved is something very common among people who themselves are not very emotive. Just like finding sites to meet women compared, we often judge and interpret based on our own experiences and ways of interacting. Thus, if she is not giving you much to run with when it comes to expression or body language, let alone tone, you can’t expect her to much put weight into any of those things either. Be blunt and straightforward even to the extent that you might feel rude for it. It is a lot easier to apologize for being too honest than it is to make up for an emotional misunderstanding because you didn’t say what you meant.

The Dark Side of

“The ugly side of Internet dating”

The lifestyle of dating younger women through and similar sites does indeed have it perks. So many, in fact, we often forget there is a dark side. As with any aspect of life, people may not be as they seem. (Read a review) We all like to think we are smart and safe in our dating rituals and the cat fishing and other horror stories we hear about in the media on sites such as would never happen to us but all it takes is one slip-up and you have a situation on your hands. Case in point: one Alix Catherine Tichelman, 26, of the great state of Georgia. Tichelman is under investigation in the murders of two men whom she had met on

Alix Tichelman’s social profiles have her living life as a makeup artist, model, poet, and stripper. Other publications, such as her arrest record, have added high-class call girl and alleged murderess to her list of accomplishments. Dean Riopelle and Forrest Timothy Hayes, men she met through prostitution and websites including, were her prey.

“She likes to party”

She was a party girl who knew how to spend money. She had worked as a stripper in Georgia, listing Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club as a place of employment, making thousands of dollars a night at times. She met Dean Riopelle through his night club and in 2013 they lived together. They were an odd couple who enjoyed collecting exotic animals as pets. He was a member of a band called the Impotent Sea Monkeys. The couple was heavy in the BDSM scene and partied with an assortment of drugs on a regular basis.

One September evening 911 operators received a frantic call from Tichelman exclaiming her boyfriend, Dean Riopelle, was on floor dead when she emerged from the shower. She went on to say it was an overdose and she knew that for a fact because he had been drinking and doing heroin all night. The death was ruled an accidental overdose. Alix went on to live her life. Her posts on Facebook show long, morose poetry and sad longing for her boyfriend Dean.

“She was again involved in another overdose causing death”

Fast forward two months and we find Alix involved with Google executive Timothy Hayes, a contact from In November of 2013 Alix and Tim are on his boat enjoying a little heroin and red wine. Timothy OD’s. The big difference between his death and Riopelle’s is the security camera quietly recording the event. The video shows Alix standing idly by as Tim overdoses and then steps over his body to guzzle a glass of wine and grab her heroin and needles.

Police concocted a scheme to lure her back to town. She was arrested for his murder and the murder of Riopelle has been reopened. Her attorneys have said she is no murderess but merely an innocent bystander in the deaths of two men living a dangerous life. She claims Forrest Timothy Hayes paid her thousands of dollars for her time and doing drugs was part of it. He encouraged her to take part in it. It was part of what he paid her for.

Married dating is a part of reality

“She is now in Jail waiting for her trail”

Whether we want to believe it or not, married dating is a reality for women like Tichelman. She made her living dating men who would pay her for her time. She made such a good living at it that was all she needed to do. Lean more about married dating. She boasted over 200 clients on the seeking arrangements site alone, and of that staging number I am sure you won’t be shocked to learn many where married dating men. Many women live like this; fortunately, they are not all accused killers. Married dating is almost always safe but it’s smart to take precautions. Check your date out before you get too chummy. Make sure there are no arrest records or restraining orders. Keep your valuables safe and don’t let your guard down until you feel comfortable. It’s also a good idea to meet her friends and, if possible, her family. Check out her social networking profiles other than where you met her. Just like other internet dating, married dating can be very dangers if you do not take steps to protect yourself.

She pleaded not guilty to heroin charges, manslaughter, destroying evidence among other charges, explaining she had no motive or even impetus to end the relationship. Prosecutors say the fatal dose the cameras show her administering to Hayes was intentional and is proven in the evidence he received.

She remains in jail on a $1.5 million bond. Her trial is pending.

The Benefits of Becoming a Regular

“Wait for her to get online”

Something we wish we could find in more reviews of the best live sex chat sites is an in depth comparison of what you get as a normal member, and the perks that come from sticking to one cam. Of course, we understand why that is, since most of these reviews are not exactly made over the course of multiple months. Although a few weeks is often all it takes in order to become someone’s regular, the people writing reviews are usually doing it for a bunch of sites at once and can’t devote that kind of time to something that is going to take a little more work.

The down side, we have found, is that most guys don’t realize there are any perks to sticking with one cam girl at all. At most, you might think it worthwhile to stick around just because you like someone or know she is always going to put on a good show. While that is true, there are a lot of other reasons for sticking around and spending your money in one spot.

She Will Make an Effort to Get to Know You

“She’ll definitely notice your username”

There is simply no beating cam sites when it comes to being able to personalize your online erotica. When you stick around long enough for a cam model to recognize your name and get to know your preferences, however, is when you really start to reap the benefits of watching them in the first place. Cam models are a lot more business savvy than most people think. As with most sex based industries, the general opinion is that it requires no mental or social knowledge at all. As long as you look pretty and are willing to take you clothes off, why should it matter? The good part is this view is actually fairly inaccurate. There are smart and dumb people in every profession, to be certain, but no more or less than usual in this industry. In fact, most cam models soon find that the better they become at catering to their audience, the more money they make.

This is good for everyone involved, but especially her regulars. You see, a good cam model knows to remember people. More than just our names, however, she is going to memorize things like what you like and when she can expect most of her regulars to show up at any given point in the week. In other words, she has a real incentive to get to know you the longer you stay in her chat room. There is something to be said for the level of money involved, sure, but if she can rely on seeing you around and the possibility of a tip or a request, she is going to start paying you more attention regardless. So what do you get out of this attention? The chance to see a lot more of what you really want, for one thing. Narrowing her focus to performances she knows her regulars enjoy means she has your attention for longer, so you can bet that she is going to be a lot more interested in putting a show for her regulars than for some guy that just showed up on Monday. So, if you access a live sex cams site, try becoming regular to a particular model. Click to read live sex chat site reviews and choose a site which has high ratings and is a favorite among many.

There Are Usually Discounts of Some Sort

“She’ll offer you discounts for being a regular customer”

Catering to your preferences, however, is just the start. All the best sites for live sex chat are going to have loyalty systems of some kind. Many even have loyalty systems specific to certain models. These are often called “guilds,” but can change from site to site. Still others prefer a more free form approach that relies on the whims of the model and her audience at any given time. Whichever you come across, or decide to try out, you can expect to find some method of reward for guys that stick around and the money they spend. In most cases, this involves discounts of some kind.

On sites with tokens, this often comes in two ways: reducing the amount you have to spend in cash to get the same amount of tokens, or reducing the amount of tokens needed to get her to do something for you. If a site really knows what they are doing, they will usually have some sort of merchandise section as well that allows you to purchase things like cam models’ underwear, her email address, and more. Even sites that do not necessarily have a system in place for this will typically lend themselves to making it simple for their models to offer these sorts of discounts manually. However it’s offered, though, you can expect all of the perks to go to her regulars. She has no need to really offer anyone else anything, but when it comes to the names she is used to seeing in her chats, you can bet she is going to cut you a deal most of the time. She wants to keep you there as long as possible, after all.

She Will Give You Better Access

“She might give a special reference to your name in her show”

Regulars usually get perks regardless of how much they have tipped, but spending more will obviously help. Live sex chat sites will always have some mix of accounts, but the best will also offer premium access to their models as well as perks on the site itself just for upgrading your account. While this typically involves a subscription of some kind, we think paying a little each month for improved quality streaming and priority visibility in the chat room can be really worth it if you are really into the model in question. More to the point, however, is the fact that guys who stick around get more access to her in more ways than just seeing her on the feed more often. A lot of models regularly offer their usual crowd smaller chat environments or priority access to her one on one session availability. There are some who even offer their email accounts to paying regulars, and while this is not the same as having her around all the time, it is a nice perk that lets you casually interact with her when you don’t have the time to stream or have a question that would otherwise get lost in the chat.

You Know What You’re Getting

This is a little more intangible, but it really is a great perk of sticking with one girl. When it comes right down to it, hoping around from stream to stream means rolling the dice on every one. You never know exactly what to expect and may well end up spending your time on something you won’t end up enjoying quite as much as your other options. When you decide to stick with a single cam model, however, you know when to show up for the best performances, and generally what you can expect when you log in. The chances that you are going to set aside time for something only to end up disappointed are much lower. You already know you like her and her show, after all, so it’s easier to decide it’s worth it to tune in. There is something to be said for reliability, after all, even when it comes to your favorite cam models.

5 Ingredients to Closing More Sales

Improving closing ratio is a skill that can be learned and practiced. Once you’re able to sell your products or services, and yourself – generating revenue can be easy as 1, 2, and 3.

However, there might have been times when we’ve exerted too much effort to a point of making sleepless nights a habit and crying over accounts that just won’t close.

Here are 5 things you need to know to close more sales and eventually, make up for the lost prospects.

1. Treat Your Customers Right

Since most people in sales are busy making sure their products or services are selling – they forget to check on their customers. Remember, it’s a people business you’re in and they want to be treated nicely. Customers need your attention and will want to see if you’re able to satisfy their interests and needs – and that includes how you treat them. Keep customers feeling wanted and appreciated.

What Makes a Great Sales Person?

What Makes a Great Sales Person?

2. Blow Them Away

Not literally. Blowing customers away means to wow them, keep them excited, and have them come back for more. People with strong selling influence are those who usually find ways to keep a customer hold on to an experience. This can take form in demonstrations or advertising. Very creative people can take just any product and present them in ways customers didn’t expect. Wow them with your confidence, your appearance, your belief in what you’re selling, and how great the service you’re offering. Mediocrity won’t bring in any money.

3. Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Being able to work and adapt to just about any environment you’re in sets you apart. The best people in sales are those who are willing to be put in any situation. Try negotiating with tough customers and ask the tough questions, and aim for the close. The big deals are usually that come with tough clients.

What is YOUR Comfort Zone??

What is YOUR Comfort Zone??

4. Ends Justify the Means, Not the Other Way Around

Selling isn’t focused in planning and organizing. It should be about gaining results. People in sales often spend time doing a lot of work thinking. People with great selling influences extend from their work and go on the frontlines where the customers are. They know how to spark customers’ interest which causes them to buy.

5. Ask, Ask, Ask

You’d be surprised to know that a lot of sales people don’t ask for the close. Most of these people never ask to do business and just go on and talk and talk about the product. If you never ask, you’ll only close sale with buyers who wanted to buy – and lose prospects.

Also, uncovering decision makers are very important. Talking to the wrong person might cost you the close. Never be afraid to ask things like what influenced the customer to make the decision in buying, or who are other people involved.

Fixed VS Adjustable Rate Mortgage: Which Loan Is Best for You?

Purchasing a home can be bothersome, especially for first-time buyers out there. Aside from choosing the type of home you want to live in, one of the decisions that you will be facing when the time comes is choosing between a fixed rate and an adjustable rate mortgage. The problem is: you don’t know which one will suit your financial capabilities better. Before you dwell into something that you will soon regret, know the pros and cons of these mortgages beforehand.

Fixed-rate: the less hassle choice

This type of loan will enable you to pay for a constant interest rate until the end of your loan. Its length varies but the most common would be 15 and 30-year loans. The good thing about this mortgage is that you will be able to budget your payments since your monthly dues will remain the same, even if you interest rates rise. Fixed rate mortgages are also easily understandable, which proves to be a good choice for first time home buyers. It is also the better choice for those who plan to stay long-term in their home (longer than 5-10 years) while paying the loan off.

Variable Rate Mortgage vs Fixed Rate Mortgage – What’s The Difference?

Variable Rate Mortgage vs Fixed Rate Mortgage – What’s The Difference?

However, fixed rate loans appear to be 1-2% higher than the adjustable rates. Moreover, it is also a disadvantage the moment interest rates fall. There will be a tendency that you would have to refinance your loan in order to benefit from the interest rate drop. In doing so, you could spend thousands of dollars for the closing costs and other fees.

Adjustable rate mortgage: the flexible choice

Also called an ARM, this type of mortgage will enable the borrower to pay a significantly lower interest rate for the first 3-7 years of his loan, of which the interest rate will rise and drop depending on a formula scheme of the lender. This may be the perfect choice for those who cannot afford a fixed rate loan for the first few years but are confident they will be able to pay the higher amount thereafter. Also, when interest rates go down, so will your monthly payments for this loan.

Variable Rate Mortgages

Variable Rate Mortgages

But because of this, your interest rate will also rise when it does in the market. Some borrowers may not anticipate this and have the possibility of owing more money from the lender than the actual cost of their house. With the unpredictability of the interest rates and payments of this loan, many borrowers don’t just take the risk.

Which is right for you?

Although the fixed rate loan seem to be the safer choice, it’s still best to give ARM a try when you don’t plan on staying on that house for more than a few years. Through this, you will be able to pay a much lower monthly cost and save for the home that you’re planning to stay longer in. Just make sure you can handle sudden rises in the interest rates; else, just move out when the increase starts. You can also choose the ARM when interest rates are high since there is a much bigger possibility that they will eventually drop in the next years. When otherwise, choose the fixed rate. It would just really depend on your convenience. 

5 Good Reasons Not to Break Up with Your Partner

Love is sometimes hard to understand. At one moment you are madly in love, the next thing you know you’re about to break up with your partner. Relationships have trials and only those who truly love each other survive. There are times when all you want to do is walk away, but you just can’t seem to do it. Maybe you’re too choosy and you want to have someone else who meets all your standards. This can give you a reason to break up with your partner. Before you make that final decision, you have to think carefully. Here are 5 good reasons not to end the relationship:

  1. Your partner still makes you smile

If your special someone can make you smile anytime, then keep that person in your life. If after a fight the person can still manage to joke around and you find yourself smiling, you don’t need a breakup. We’re all different and all it takes is to respect each other’s differences. Don’t let little misunderstandings ruin a good relationship.

Not to Break Up with Your Partner

Not to Break Up with Your Partner

  1. You feel great when you’re together

It’s hard to find true happiness. When you find a person who makes you happy and makes you feel good when you’re together, you better hold on to that individual. It’s not every day you can find someone that special. It’s okay to get hurt sometimes. As long as you’re still happy, then the relationship is worth the time.

  1. Your partner tells you that he or she loves you every day

When you feel like you should breakup with your current partner and go for someone better, you should first assess the level of communication you have. Do you communicate constantly? Does your partner tell you that he or she loves you every single day? If your answer is yes, then finding someone new isn’t a good idea. You already have someone worth keeping right in front of you.

Love Ever After

Love Ever After

  1. Your partner has never changed and is still the same person you fell in love with

There’s no reason to be picky when you already have someone who has never changed despite everything you’ve been through. You fell in love with the person a long time ago and you can definitely keep the flame burning. If you feel butterflies in your stomach whenever you’re with the person, never break up with him or her.

  1. You can’t imagine a life without him or her

If this is how you feel, then you should never think about breaking up. You may want someone who looks better, is more successful, or is richer, but it will all be useless if you can’t imagine living a life without your current partner.

Sometimes people have a tendency to be choosy. It’s typical for people to aim for something even better. However, when it comes to relationships, better is not better all the time. Maybe you already have the best one, but you don’t realize it. So don’t make rash decisions and regret it for the rest of your life.

Dining Out and Dieting at the Same Time

Dieting is one of the most difficult things to get you into. The scrumptious foods will always lure you to break it. Then you end up saying this, “one bad meal won’t make you fat” but you tend to tell yourself this statement almost every day. When you finally commit yourself to go on a diet, you feel the need to just stay at home and prepare the food yourself to get a control of your daily intake. When you are invited on a dinner, panic will get into your nerves and pushes you to make the most difficult decision of either breaking your diet regimen or order a small-served salad while feeling awful for the rest of the night. But there are ways you can apply to dine out and still eat healthy.

Things to Take Note before Dining Out

  • Make a caloric plan. Identify the amount of calories you will have to spend.

  • Make a list of the possible foods that you can order and eat while abiding to your regular diet. You can search beforehand the types of food you can have that contain equivalent nutrients you need.

  • During waiting time, choose drinks like water, unsweetened iced tea, soda water or diet soda.

  • If you already know that you are dining out, make sure to not leave with a tummy that is empty. Take snacks at least two hours prior to prevent binge eating. Excessive hunger can trigger eating too much.

Dining Out and Dieting

Dining Out and Dieting

Choosing the Right Restaurant

  • Get rid of restaurants who offer “eat-all-you-can” service just like avoiding an outbreak.

  • Always choose the restaurant that has a diverse set of menu. It will be easier to look for the foods that fit your diet.

how to choose sweet wine

how to choose sweet wine

  • It will be best if you choose the restaurant where there is a salad bar. There will be a lot of available healthy options for you.

  • Do not choose restaurants focused on entertainment unless you just want to be entertained. Most of the time, the foods served in such type are fattening.

What to Order?

  • For side dishes and entrees, always use the spices and herbs to put flavor into your food. Some of these are cilantro, basil, garlic, oregano and cinnamon.

  • Broth-based soup is a great entrée. You can also have green salad with a healthy dressing.

  • For your main dish, you can have a piece of meat but must be grilled. Smoked salmon and steamed seafood are great choices.

  • Who says you cannot have dessert? Of course you can enjoy sweets with sorbet or frozen yogurt. Slices of fresh fruits without added and sugar or cream can also finish up your dining out experience.

Even if you are on a strict diet, you still have to enjoy dining out. You can still have fun with the experience by following the tips on choosing the healthy foods. Dieting is not all about restricting. It is about eating on a healthier regimen and still having fun. 

Logitech’s Ultimate: The World’s Best Remote

The Logitech’s Ultimate displays almost everything that individuals might be looking for an ideal remote. This is packed with amazing features and excellent capabilities, making this highly in demand in the market right now. This is currently recognized to be the best remote in the world that has an amazing capacity of providing individuals with an amazing control performance. Logitech gives individuals the perfect chance to achieve a remarkable remote control experience. The Logitech’s Ultimate marks a big difference and sets itself apart from the traditional remote controls. This is probably the only remote control that individuals will ever need.

The Interesting Features of Logitech’s Ultimate Remote Control

Logitech’s Ultimate has been equipped with all the wonderful features that users usually look for. This remote allows individuals to control their home entertainment gadgets even if these are hidden. This is one of the most interesting features of this remote that makes it the top favorite of thousands of users. Unlike other remote controls, the Logitech’s Ultimate remains to be highly functional even through close doors. This advanced and highly innovative remote control has the capacity of turning on the right devices with the right order. This is made possible with just the power of one touch. This feature is probably the reason why this is claimed to have the magic touch feature. Individuals can easily move around even in darkness because Logitech’s Ultimate features full-colored touch screen that lights the way. This also comes with backlit buttons and other special components.

Logitech Harmony Touch Is the Ultimate Remote Control

Logitech Harmony Touch Is the Ultimate Remote Control

Discover More of What Logitech Ultimate Has to Offer

The Logitech’s Ultimate has the capacity to control even up to 15 gadgets. This remote control allows a no-look control over the movies, music and television programs. With just the taps and swipes features, individuals can take full control of devices. Other interesting features found in Logitech’s Ultimate remote control are tilt sensors, vibration feedback and buttons that help in the execution of various commands that are based on long presses. This remote control also comes with helpful apps that allow users to manage the entire system.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Logitech’s Ultimate

Choosing this branded remote control can be the best decision you can ever make. You will never go wrong with this highly innovative creation because this is specially designed to suit your needs. This is also a cheaper alternative to the expensive remote controls available today. Well, the decision is yours, but if you are a type of person that is practical and wise, then you know what would be better.



The Logitech’s Ultimate is a proof of excellent evolution. This creation is convenient, easy to use and extremely beneficial.